What's on offer?

This year at Hastings Intermediate we will be offering a wide range of sporting opportunities for students to be involved with. These will include, but are not limited to:

Rugby, Cricket, Netball, Canoe Polo, Futsal, Football,

Basketball, Triathlon, Volleyball, Orienteering,

Golf, Rippa Rugby, Touch, Swimming, Cross Country,

Athletics, Hockey, Tennis, Iron Maori,Ki-o-rahi.


​​​​​​​To support this idea of multiple sports, we will be running PE lessons for students that focus on developing skills that can be applied to a range of sports, rather than focusing on specific sports. To run alongside this, games will be played that will teach our students about decision making, tactics, developing vision and game awareness. Again these skills can then be transferred back to various sporting codes.

AIMS Games

This year we will again be attending the annual AIMS games in Tauranga. Team sports for this are yet to be confirmed but will be done so by the end of term 1. We will also look to take individuals who show excellence in individual codes. The selection of these students will be done in consultation with individual families. ​​​​​​​

Keep in the loop!

We will communicate upcoming events via Facebook, Linc-ed, our school app, school assembly and also daily notices at school.​​​​​​​

New Opportunities

We will also give opportunities for students to learn new sports that may not be seen as mainstream sports. It would be fantastic to have members of our Hastings Intermediate community who have skills to share and are passionate about a sporting code involved. Please get in contact if this is something that you feel you can assist with.

Another highlight will be giving students the opportunity to engage with high-performance athletes and find out more about what it takes to make it as an adult athlete. It is always inspiring for young people to be able to connect with those who are excelling in their chosen code.


We are aiming to give Hastings Intermediate students the opportunity to be involved with as many different sports as possible. However, to do this we need whanau support. We would love to know what sporting skills exist in our community and whether you would be interested in helping our students to be involved.

Sports Academy

We will be running our Sports Academy this year and will have a year 7 and a year 8 intake. Applications will be sought from students who wish to be a part of this programme in week 2 of term 1. Applicants will be assessed by a committee and those who are successful will begin in week 4.

This year our sports academy will focus on developing fitness levels for sport. This will include a variety of activities that will help students to improve their overall fitness. Such activities may include hill runs, interval training and swimming. Often these activities may involve venturing out of the school environment. Testing will be carried out termly to monitor progress. To support this advice will be given on nutrition and what food is best to fuel our bodies for competition.


For more information or to discuss sport at Hastings Intermediate in 2023 please contact Mr Easson via email anthonye@hastingsintermediate.school.nz

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