It is said that the footprints of Rongokako are found embedded in the sea platforms along the North Island. The students of Rongokako House have large footprints to follow. Rongokako was reputed to have had great athletic ability and dexterity who could also take long strides. We want our students to follow in his footsteps, to demonstrate our School’s Manaakitanga values.

That is: Respect for Others, Respect for Self, Respect for Learning, and My Community,  My Responsibility.

Kiaora my name is Rongokako. I am a fearless GIANT who has fought in war multiple times. I have lost many hard-working warriors, during the last few weeks. I was different according to my warriors but to me I was normal.

As I walked along the river I saw a stunning wahine in the distance.I felt a warm feeling inside.I realised I had a big crush on her but too afraid to tell.I found the courage to go up to her and introduce myself. “Kiaora my name is Rongokako what's yours?” I said shaking and feeling like an idiot. The beautiful wahine said, “My name is Hinerakau.”

I found Hinerakau’s tribe and I also found the very clever chief who is the father of Hinerakau.I asked him politely if I could take Hinerakau’s hand and marry her. The chief started mumbling and bragging about all the challenges I had to do to win Hinerakau. “Anything for your daughter,” I said proudly to the chief.

The first challenge was to fill up a whole tank of water for their tribe. I found it easy. But when I finally got to the last challenge I had to bite a pathway around the river to get on the other side of the peak.I took my first bite into the hill. It was a large piece of rock and I found myself choking.

Willing to marry and take Hinerakau’s hand I was not able to because I died. Hinerakau laid a soft cloak over me and threw herself off the peak weeping.

Now the peak is known as Te Mata Peak.

By: Nava

Our students aim to reach and improve. They are all on different journeys and our aim is to ensure that each and every student is given the opportunity to make giant steps in their learning and maturing into responsible citizens of the future.