Haere mai… Welcome to Tukituki.  We are a House of 86 pupils and three teachers.  Over the year, we will be sharing with you some learning from our inspirational students.

There are a few things we have been focusing on that we believe are crucial to supporting every student to Reach [aspirations], Stretch [diverse learning], and Flow [strong relationships].  These include:

  • Class Treaty that is meaningful

  • Manaakitanga Values [we currently have 2 students with their Black Badge, 20 with at least a Silver Badge and heaps with three out of the four bands]

  • House Assemblies to begin the day; this is where we bless our day with the school Karakia, and set them up with reminders

  • Being explicit about using the WITS Strategy for dealing with conflict

  • Wrap-around support for students with behavioural needs

  • A fantastic Teacher Aid [Mandy Kimber] working across the House.  She also gives up her Morning Tea and Lunch times for students to come and ‘chill’ or be part of a small group

  • Making explicit our PB4L programme - Positive Behaviour for Learning

The Human Footprint on Planet Earth

Our Inquiry focus this term has been to look at:

  • The impact humans have on our planet - both positive and negative

  • What’s happening at Hastings Intermediate

  • Some actions we can take to change or support our ‘place’

Tukituki School Councillors 2024

Tukituki House is not only well known in Hawkes Bay for its infamous River but it symbolises at our school the importance of student wellbeing.  We are working hard as a House to be purposeful in showing a real care for others;  many are doing a fabulous job at evidencing this in all sorts of ways.  

Extracurricular Interests

There are also a LOT of students in Tukituki who have involved themselves in things such as:

  • Drama Club

  • Dance Club

  • EPro8

  • School Cricket

  • Netball

Tukituki School Ambassadors 2024