Welcome to School Pick Up NZ, a brand new concept in fundraising for our school. School Pick Up is an online store, with close to 10,000 products available for purchase. Hastings Intermediate will receive 50% of the profits from each sale made. As a parent or supporter of the school you now have the option to make your next purchase through this store, knowing that you have not only paid the same as elsewhere (or even lower) but that a significant portion of the profits is going to help Hastings IntermediateYou are now invited to view the collections in the store – just click the logo to the side. We hope you enjoy the experience and you find something you like.


1. Shop the store

2. Choose your school at checkout

3. Pay securely online

4. Allow 10-14 days for delivery, but often much less

5. Hastings Intermediate receives 50% of the profits


School fundraising with impact from earth-friendly cleaning products to high-quality kitchenware, they’re making it easy for you to support our school at the same time as buying products you’ll actually love. SchoolPickUp takes care of all the admin involved in school fundraising, letting our teachers get on with doing what they do best - teaching our kids. School Pick Up works hard to source products that are made to last and fit with the sustainability messages our kids learn at school. All available for you to browse online any time; at no extra cost and no extra effort.


A super-simple online platform for schools around New Zealand to manage fundraising. They’re serious about sourcing top quality products that parents, teachers and kids love. School Pick Up was founded, and is operated by, two parents who have seen first-hand just how much work, time and stress is required each year by so many to raise the funds necessary to give their students the great education they hope for. By making it easy to access sustainable and New Zealand-made products for school fundraising, they’re helping build a better future for kiwi schools and kiwi kids.