School Choir

Do you love to sing? The School Choir is going to perform at Kids Sing and learn plenty of fun songs.  


A very casual audition where you will sing back a little tune. We are not looking for perfection, more for a great attitude and a love of singing!

TERM 1 FRI WEEK 4 / Catch ups FRI WEEK 5

Music Theory 

Reading music can be hard, but if you learn an instrument is pretty important! If you’d like help getting better at reading music then this is the group for you.


Put your name down on the list if you’re already learning an instrument and would like to work towards getting your Royal Schools Theory Grade Examination.


Drama / Toi Whakaari 

Want to see your name in lights one day? Apply for drama club today! Learn the basics of stagecraft, the importance of hard work, creativity and imaginative play, listening and observation skills and self-confidence.


You will need to prepare a short audition piece - either a paragraph of your favourite book or a poem. You don’t have to memorise it, but you will be reading it in front of the other people auditioning.

Auditions will begin middle of Term 1.

Edible Fashion Awards

Are you ‘wild’ about creating wearable art? Construct an entry for the Hawkes’ Bay Edible Fashion Awards and showcase it on the runway on August 9th & 10th. This year’s intermediate theme is ‘Wild Habitats’. Classes will commence in Term 2.


Tell us why you want to be considered for this group. Are you passionate about art? Do you want to challenge yourself to make a costume? Perhaps you are New Zealand’s next big fashion designer! You need to be committed to attending the event in August.

Special Choir 

If you’ve got a soloist voice, you may be tapped on the shoulder and asked to join our smaller Special Choir. This group will have some more technical songs to learn and perform.   


If you’re in our school choir we will be looking for students that we will approach to join our smaller Special Choir.



Music is supposed to be a social thing, so if you already learn the keyboard/piano, drums, guitar, or love to sing, then this is the group for you!


Put your name down on the list and tell me about what instrument(s) you play and how long you’ve been learning, then we will have a very casual audition where you can play me your favourite song.

Kapa Haka

Art Club / Karapu Toi

Explore your creativity in Art Club. If Visual Art class is not enough for you, explore different types of media in a fun and exciting way in this session.


Tell us about a piece of art that you are proud of making. What did you use to make it? How did you make it? What’s it about? Include a photo of the artwork.

Email applications to Head of Art.

Performance Skills Workshops 

Do you know you’re talented at something, but you don’t want to perform in front of people? This group is for you! In smaller groups, we will work towards helping you come out of your shell and blossom in either dance, drama, or music.


Put your name down on the list and let the drama teacher know what you’d like to improve (e.g. building your confidence, engaging with the audience, getting over nerves etc) and you will be told when you’re sessions will be.


Instrument Lessons

Instrumental Lessons- Violin, Cello, Flute, Clarinet, Keyboard, Drums, Guitar, Brass. Lessons begin in Term 1 and there will be a sharing performance at the completion of the cycle in Term 4.


Sign up occurs at the start of term 1.


Hip Hop

Students audition in term one for two groups: beginners and experienced. Over the course of the year, there is an opportunity to perform for school and community groups, and to participate in competitions.